Living Room Before & Afters!

I am less than 24 hours away from hopping on a plane to Jamaica for 6 days, so I'm squeezing in a quick post before then! (Also, I'm vacation pre-gaming right now with a tall Yeti tumbler full of Rum Punch sitting next to me and I think I'll blog about that tonight before I leave town too! It's such a good fruity rum drink, y'all.)

So the only thing I can point out about these living room Before pics is that there was some kind of maybe "bar" in the corner of the room, near the stairwell. Not really sure, but there was a light "installed" (and by "installed, I mean there was cable routed from a receptacle outlet below, up through the bookshelves(?) that were hanging just under the ceiling). My guess is that these shelves had liquor bottles on them and there was some kind of bar furniture below??? No clue... We'll never know... Regardless, we took all that .ish down.

Here's the living room before, in all its carpeted glory...

And here are the "Afters".....

Once again, we pulled up all the carpet & installed stranded bamboo floors from Floor & Decor (which we LOVE).

We knew we wanted a sectional with plenty of reclining options and ways to prop your feet up, so we landed on this sectional from Rooms to Go. It's comfy, it's functional, our feet are always propped up, but, unfortunately, I can't say that it's a quality piece of furniture...

You see...... Because we have an 80-plus-pound-boxer named Marco and a little "burrowing" Shih Tzu named Charlie, our furniture options are limited when it comes to fabric and finishes. In order to keep boxer hair (it's like velcro) and slobber (dripping out of all his extra "cheeks" all the time) from destroying a quality couch, we are limited to solid finishes like leather or synthetics (pleather). In this case, our sectional is made of what Rooms to Go calls a leather-like "fabric." Well... one warranty-replaced chaise lounge AND recliner later, the "fabric" is still starting to peel in some spots, completely unrelated to pet use, so..... I can't recommend buying this sectional from Rooms to Go. But, for what it's worth, it is functional.


The table vignette you see is set up underneath where the shelves and light were (the maybe Bar?). The two lit, abstract art pieces you see, I painted. Super easy with gallery canvases and black & white paint! (I paint my own artwork a lot when I can't find something like the idea I have in mind) These are over-lit with gallery lights from Ikea. (I try to light all of my artwork, it's an inexpensive way to add "wow" to any space!) The silhouette art was an idea I got from a google image search for teal living rooms. I can't find the original source anymore, but if you see a similar source photo online and find the original post, please send it to me so I can credit them! I'm not an image/artwork thief! I tried really hard to find them!)

This little table/desk area provides an easy "your crap" / "my crap" organization area for Bill & I. If he leaves little gadgets or papers around, I can put them in his basket and he knows to do something with it. It's a good catch-all area for our random junk that might otherwise linger around the house. Super easy: A couple of baskets from Target, a couple of Letters from Michaels or Hobby Lobby, done.

Other items you see in the after pics: The lamps are from HomeGoods. My sister found these and called me as soon as she found them. They were exactly what I was looking for! The rug is from Amazon, it's super soft and comfy and we love it! The table is from Wayfair, still there. Teal throw blankets, Wayfair & Gray zig zag rug, Wayfair also.

Our fireplace, which you can also see in the before/after photos, I blogged about here.

We're still making changes to this living room space. Since Christmas, I decided I want to replace the silhouette art with a window pane mirror and so far, I'm not digging the prices I've seen on the interwebs, so I'm probably going to DIY that project soon. (And I'll post about it)

That's pretty much all I've got about the living room..... Except for this gem I found on the MLS from about a decade ago. Here's what was underneath all the carpet we pulled up. Peel-n-stick parquet 12"x12" tiles. Please don't do this to your home. Ever. Some poor carpet installer had to pull up every 12" tile that was ever stuck down to this plywood subfloor, just to install carpet. Then I (I, me, Melissa) had to hand-scrape up the leftover glue residue from these nasty peel-n-stick tiles so that I could install real floors. Again, just don't do this. Ever.