Dining Room Transformation

I'm so pumped to finally share this post! The project has been done for, like, ever now and I JUST haven't gotten around to writing about it.... until today! Our main living area is on the 2nd floor (of our 3 story home) which makes projects on this floor super fun, transporting tools and materials up a flight of stairs or up to the backyard, still up a flight of stairs. So, as you'll see in a progress pic below, the dining room became a mini tool/paint/power tool/materials storage area for a really long time. THIS is the reality of live-in flipping, my friends!

Dining Room Before:

Dining Room Before Photo 1

Dining Room Before Photo 2

There's not a whole lot to say about this space before we got to work on it, so I'm just going to move on to the good stuff... the AFTERS!

Dining Room After:

Dining Room After 1

Dining Room After 2

The biggest, most obvious transformation in this room was the flooring, which I've promised to post about in the future, (and I still will) but it's stranded bamboo flooring that we got from Floor & Decor. We've had it in this house for almost a year now and, as promised, it has stood up to our 80 pound boxer, Marco, solidly. We love these floors & I can't recommend the product enough for folks who have kids or bigger dogs. The best part about it is that it was only around $2.39 per sq. ft., which is a fantastic price for a very strong, solid product.

The next biggest change was the wainscoting installed around the perimeter of the room. Wainscoting is a fairly inexpensive (depending on the style you choose) way to set apart a dining room and really identify the space as such. Plus, it's easy and it's super trendy right now! We removed the existing chair rail, did some drywall patching all the way around (blegh), and came up a about a 16 inches on the wainscoting height. In hindsight, I should have just put up MDF or Luan instead of doing all of the drywall patching where the chair rail was, but... now I know...

I traded out the ceiling fan for a legit chandelier, slapped some custom gray paint on the walls (read about how I choose gray paint here), accessorized, and voila! A new dining room!

Since this room is square it begged for a big square rug, which I found on Wayfair at a pretty decent price. This rug is no longer available on Wayfair, but they do have so many affordable design and size options in similar styles.

Above, I mentioned including a progress pic and the mountain of tools, paint, etc. that lived in our dining room for almost 6 months... This was at its small stage too. : )

Dining Room Tool pile

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