A Long Winter Break! (Update Post)

Hibernation Meme

Whew! That was the best two-month nap I've ever had!

Slept right through December & January y'all. : )

Ok, not really, but I'm not gonna lie, the ability to sleep through winter would be freakin' amazing. I am a warm weather Florida girl through and through and I am total struggle bus from January to mid-March. Not to mention we've had more snow and ice here in Atlanta than I care to see in a 1 month period. Alright, I'm done complaining about winter now. : ) I have super fun remodel projects in the blog pipeline to share with you, but I wanted to do a little different post today since I've been MIA for a couple of months now. The home projects came to a halt in December, but we've had plenty going on otherwise, AND... I did get some much needed rest for a minute there too. Keep reading to see what I've (or we've) been up to!

Who has two thumbs and can help you buy and sell Real Estate in Georgia now? THIS girl!

That's right! Reason numero uno I've been away from blog land is because I was taking real estate pre-license classes to become an agent in Georgia. As of this week, I am officially a Realtor®. (Hey, I paid $ to be able to use that trademark like a boss, people) What started as taking the next logical step to capitalize on house-flipping profits (attempting to keep an extra 6% in our pockets at the end of the day) has escalated into "I'm going to sell ALL the houses in North Atlanta and earn enough extra income to flip ALL the houses everywhere!" (It's ambitious, I know, but I have goals y'all.) #goals

So, over the next few weeks, I'll be learning all kinds of fun new things and essentially starting a new full-time career. In essence, that will no longer make me a flipping "housewife" per se, but a brand is a brand, so let's just glaze over that detail for now. Deal? Deal. : )

***Also, if you happen to know anyone thinking of buying or selling their home in the North Atlanta area, you know how to reach me! (I had to) : )

Christmas Things

Did anybody else get a bench vise and a sweet new tool belt for Christmas?... No? Just Me? : )

Well Santa (Bill) brought me these DIY Girl necessities this year and I am stoked! No more trying to hold down a piece of wood with one foot, while trying to brace myself with the other and get the saw in the right position while cutting things on the ground! I'm so excited!

I also got this tool belt.

Finally. It's comical that after all of the renovation projects I've done over the last 8 years, I've never actually owned a tool belt. (Thinking pretty much every time that I should get a tool belt) Anyway, I'm legit now folks. Watch out, girl with a tool belt coming through.

Our Christmas season was busy and fun, one particular thing we did that may become a tradition was getting together on Christmas Eve Day and doing a BYO ingredients cookie/treats making time along with a BYO ingredients festive cocktail making time. It was a fun opportunity to try out some Pinterest inspirations. Mom made homemade snickerdoodles and a "Winter Sea Breeze" cocktail, recipe found here. Sarah, my sister, made a "Whiskey Rose" cocktail, recipe found here, and mini banana pudding cups. I made this blackberry ombre sparkler recipe, which was super pretty, but super sweet, and I made rice krispies treats reindeer and pre-made a bunch of sugar cookies that we iced and "painted" with food coloring.

Below is a photo of our painted cookies. (We've created prettier things, but good times were had by all) : )

New Year's Eve in Miami

Bill is a huge Wisconsin fan so we took advantage of the perfect opportunity to go see a Badgers game and escape the freezing temps in Atlanta for New Years and headed down to Miami for the Orange Bowl! The Badgers beat the Canes in Miami, which made it a super sweet victory, followed by a super sweet New Year's Eve day laying on the beach in 78 degree weather. (Did I mention I love warm weather?)

Our arrival home from the trip turned less super sweet when 16 degree temps in Atlanta caused a tailpiece to pop off of our pool pump (that was running) and drain a foot of water from our pool, down the hill, to the road, creating a ~40 yard sheet of ice for our neighbors to have to drive over with subfreezing temps the next day. O_o

The pool pump is literally just now getting fixed as I type, because we've totally just been like, "Nope..." The best part is I'm not the one fixing it today! We've hired a pool guy for that stuff now. DIYing pool care is really not fun, especially on a 38 year old pool. Nope.

Is Tony Soprano Really Dead?

I mentioned above that I got to rest and relax for a minute this winter. What I really mean is I spent a LOT of time binge watching TV shows and occasionally day-drinking. Specifically, I watched Below Deck (the ONLY reality show I watch now, but I can't stop and Kate Chastain is freaking fantastic), Outlander (OMG such a good story), The Handmaid's Tale, Ozark, The Sopranos (yes, all 7 seasons) and probably more that I'm not thinking of right now.

Every time I watch Below Deck, I want whatever the yacht guests are drinking on the show. So I may have poured a glass of whatever it was at 2pm on any given weekday. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't...

Ozark is fantastic and is so fun to watch and try to guess which lake they're filming on around here. (Allatoona or Lanier, which will it be?)

I never watched The Sopranos during its original run, so I promised Bill I would watch it with him. (He has seen the entire series more times than he should admit) : ) Like everybody else, after the last episode I instantly took to the interwebs to find out what really happened in that Diner. So many possibilities, people... and we'll just never know...

Tea for Two...

I picked up a new fun obsession over the last couple of months... drinking tea! I bought one of these really cute tea infuser mugs and went to a local Tea House to try a few loose leaf tea flavors and I LOVED it! The Tea House is called Urban Tea in Alpharetta and it's a cute little shop with a ton of loose teas to choose from! There's a community table where you can sit and have scones with cream and preserves and drink a pot of tea or sample several cups. My mom and I went all in for a full tasting and found several flavors we liked. I happen to be super caffeine-sensitive and can't drink regular coffee (without feeling like I need to pass out) so I already feel left out of the "I love a hot, comforting mug of whatever" club. I can't relate. But I discovered Rooibos tea, which doesn't contain caffeine because it's not actually a tea leaf, and it's delicious! Now I experiment with using milk, no milk, honey, sugar, agave, etc. I'm officially a tea nerd! I'll be attempting to make the perfect scone soon to go with my tea habit. Ha! I don't even know who I am anymore.

New things you can buy from my previous posts!

I recently discovered that two items included in a couple of my previous posts are available online right now (or at least in-store anyway) and I've gotten a few questions about where I got both of these items, so I'm including links below. I used this vanity from The Home Depot to transform our powder room and it's available in-store and online at the moment. See my Powder Room Makeover post here.

Gray Bathroom. Windsor Park Vanity.

And... from my Backyard Makeover post, this rug has been included in At Home's Outdoor Rug inventory again this Spring. I don't think you can buy it online, but you can see if your local store has it in stock.

So THAT'S just a little taste of what I've been up to since November, among so many other things! I'll be posting soon about our Living Room and Dining Room and you'll probably be seeing a lot more about my new career endeavors as a Real Estate Agent!

Stay tuned!

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