Home Exterior Update: Help Me Choose a Design!

It's been a minute since my last post because, well, life and Holiday things and social things, etc. and I haven't had time to write a formal post about our completed projects. So today I thought I'd create a quick update on what I've been researching and focusing on here and there in the last few weeks-- Updating the exterior of our house. I'd also love your feedback about my design options below! This is a task we'll undertake within the next 5 or 6 months, so not jumping on this tomorrow or anything, but I definitely like to have a vision for our end goal and I am planner, so... the daydreaming has already begun.

When I need to design a space (in this case, the entire exterior of the house) and I'm not exactly sure what I want, I turn to photoshop. I'm not a Photoshop expert, but I know enough to alter a photo and plug in design options that will give me an overall idea of the space. So, recently, I've been researching what the heck we should do with the outside of this 80's-tastic shed-style contemporary home. Here's what it looks like at the moment:

Friends, the amount of love this exterior has already gotten as of this photo being taken is a big deal (sod, landscaping, new light fixtures, new door glass insert & new intercom doorbell to name a few updates) and I realize as I'm creating this post that I need to devote an entire post to the progress we've made on the exterior, so look for that soon! (Did I mention we had 11 trees removed?) O_o

As you can see in the photo, the roof is in rough shape aesthetically and we are one good hail storm away from a free one, (does anyone know a hail storm dance?) but one way or another, there will be a new, probably gray, architectural style roof on the house by this time next year, so ignore that feature when checking out the design options.

So this recent daydreaming/research effort really started because I've been itching to makeover the garage door and was thinking it might be an easy project to undertake in the near future. (New paint color, maybe adding some trim/carriage house details, something like that) The good news is that the existing garage door is just a flat, steel door with fake would grain texture, so we basically have a blank slate to start with and don't necessarily have to replace the door. Thinking DIY here, people! : )

I started out trying carriage house door trim details, straight up grid-style trim details, window details and honestly, they all just looked so out of place on this house. So I started doing more research about contemporary style homes and how other designers have updated them and the majority of the advice I found was this: "Embrace the style of the house. Own what it is and play-up the unique (read "quirky") features of this construction style." So, with that in mind, I headed down a modern-looking garage door path and here's where I ended up...

OPTION A: Light Trim

OPTION B: Dark Trim

I love, love, love the garage door & front door options - mahogany finish with window cutouts. And no joke, I am planning to DIY that door-- wood grain finish, windows and all and I can't freaking wait! In the meantime, the house will get a fresh coat of a darker taupe paint (I think these photos make it look a little more olive-y than I intended, but think gray/tan) and where I'm torn is on the trim color. I'm digging the newer design trend of dark trim and I think it's fitting, but there's also something about the classic, light trim look that I appreciate too, so that's where I want to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below (or on Facebook or Instagram) what look you prefer! Light Trim or Dark Trim?

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