Powder Room Transformation

Powder Room Renovation - Before After

What do you do with a 37 year old powder room that has a 30" tall pine vanity, yellowed compressed marble countertops, a toddler-height beige toilet and tan vinyl tile on the floor?.... GUT IT!!! (#DemoDay!) This, Ladies and Gentlemen, was our main living level Powder Room and it got a much needed gorgeous gray-and-white-with-turquoise-accents makeover!

I'll start with a less obvious detail which is the door frame getting painted white. (And every square inch of moulding in this house for that matter) Yep, about 75% of this house had stained pine trim everywhere that is now glossy bright white. In 36 years, no one before us thought it would be cool to bring the house into the 21st Century (ok, really the 90's) by painting all of the golden pine woodwork, so we had the honor. :-|

Anyway, baaack to the Powder Room. We started by removing every bit of the existing stuff. Dwarf vanity, beige kid toilet, gold in-wall toilet paper holder, mirror, lights, towel ring, etc. then... it was time for flooring. (I swear I will eventually create a post about said flooring, but trust me, it's gorgeous!) Next, I knew I wanted to do a board and batten wainscoting in the bathroom because it's a beautiful, affordable, trendy feature that is too easy not to just do, but I had another motivation for using it in this space... 90 percent of the time when you remove a built-in bathroom vanity, the walls are gonna be jacked up and gouged where the vanity meets the wall and you see, friends, I loathe drywall finish work. Like, despise it. so. much. It's messy, it's time-consuming, it's messy, it's hard to do well, it's messy... Just No. This bathroom also had layers of wallpaper on the walls (and ceiling, who does that?!) and that makes drywall patching even suckier, so I went in with the full intention of not picking up a single bucket of spackling in this bathroom. Instead, I bought sheets of smooth finish MDF and board and battened my happy way around this little room. There are a ton of tutorials on the web about how to DIY this kind of wainscoting, so I'll just tell you that I used 1x5s for the uprights, 1x6s for the horizontal pieces and a 1x2 topper all the way around. Super simple! (Just plan on doing a LOT of caulking) Next, I painted the walls a medium gray color. (Customized, otherwise I'd give you a swatch/brand name)

If you've already guessed that my motivation for installing a full-wall stacked stone veneer backsplash behind the mirror was also to avoid drywall finish work, YOU'RE RIGHT! Also, it's pretty and not a very expensive material, so win-win. I got this particular product from Floor & Decor, (I get all of my flooring and tile products there, because lowest prices, biggest variety) see the Shop This Post section below. We already had a sheet of cement board leftover from another project, so the wall took just a few hours to install. Once it was up, I installed the new light fixture, (which is not easy to do over uneven stacked stone, so there's a whole lot of shim action going on behind that fixture that you can't see).

The vanity is a super fun detail about this space- I spotted this particular vanity (top and mirror were included as a set) at the beginning of one of Home Depot's bath vanity sales for $249.00. They do those sales a couple times a year for about a month and Lowe's does them at the same time, so if you know you're gonna remodel a bathroom soon, keep an eye out for these sales! I procrastinated (as I normally do) and waited too long to buy it and then couldn't find one anywhere! Couldn't order online, couldn't find one in Atlanta. They were gone! So I shopped around in vain and couldn't find anything comparable for less than $500 bucks. Lo and behold, I was in Home Depot at least a month later and saw this vanity, fully assembled, sitting on a flatbed with a big markdown sticker on it! It was the floor model that had been put away for the rest of the sale and they were trying to get rid of it. I got it for $175. Home Depot serendipity.

The faucet, I chose because it had the same clean lines as the light fixture we used. The toilet we bought (see shop section) was by necessity really, because we had to accommodate for an existing 10 inch rough-in (like, 99% of the toilets in the big box stores are for 12 inch rough-ins, which is standard now, but nothing in our house is standard, so... 1%) But we love this toilet. I never thought I could be so thankful for a new toilet, but it's amazing. Folks, we spend a lot of time using these things, just spend the money and buy a good one!

The artwork is from Hobby Lobby (geode frame) and At Home (two floral prints). I get a TON of artwork from At Home! (if I don't make it myself) Here's one more photo of the finished product-

Click here to see a few more photos of this bathroom in the gallery!


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