Affordable DIY Custom Closet System

Got a reach-in closet in your master bedroom? (Or any other bedroom for that matter?) Transform it into an accessory closet by creating your own custom closet system! You don't have to spend thousands to have a custom closet company come in and do the work for you. With a little creativity and resourcefulness you can build your own using bookshelves, cube storage units, drawer units, etc. Below I'll explain how I designed and installed the perfect accessory closet in the master bedroom of Flip House # 2 for under $400.00! Prospective buyers LOVED this feature and cited it as a selling point, so it was certainly worth the investment!

I should explain that the guest bedroom (across the hall from this master) had a large walk-in closet where I kept my clothes, so I was able to take full advantage of this closet space for accessories. Had that not been the case, I would have designed something split down the middle with hanging bars on one side and shelving units on the other, so you have to figure out what's ideal in your space.

First, I measured, understood exactly how much space I had to work with, then got to shopping! I checked out the build-your-own configuration systems from Home Depot & Lowe's, similar to the one below-

But even these system components aren't cheap and add up quickly by the time you've added all the elements you want. So instead, I started shopping around for bookshelves, cube storage shelves and drawer units until I found ones with the specific sizes and dimensions I needed. Basically, it was like putting together a big puzzle and fortunately most of these pieces have similar dimensions, depths, etc., so it wasn't difficult to do. Making sure the products have similar depths is key! Here are the components I used to create the finished product...

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  • 2 Drawer Units from Target - $29.99

  • 3 Bookcases from Target - $49.99/ea (Note- The bookcases I used are no longer available at Target, but there are similar ones available from Target, Amazon and Walmart). Here is one from Amazon that has similar dimensions, but a little more expensive at $65.00/ea)

  • 2 6-Cube Organizer Shelves from Target - $34.99/ea

  • 2 Accessory Racks (the racks I used were Towel/Utensil holders from Walmart for around $7.00/ea.)

^These are no longer available, but I have since used a similar product (below) from Amazon that works well for $8.00/ea.

  • Jewelry Props from Michael's (Tiered Stand - $26.99/ Ring Tray - $8.49)

  • 4 Extra Melamine shelves - Custom cut to size from Home Depot - $29.99

  • 3 Pull-out Tie Racks from Home Depot - $7.98/ea


I made sure each unit was secured to the walls by using L brackets attached above each unit, fixed to the wall over studs. I also purchased tiny wood dowels to support the extra shelves I had cut at Home Depot. The drawer units were screwed to the bookshelf from inside the body of the unit.


  • All of these structural pieces come in a dark espresso color if you don't want to use white materials.

  • Take your design up a notch by adding crown moulding or wood fascia strips where every piece edge meets another to create more of a built-in professional look

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