DIY Landscape Lighting

Backyard Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is an inexpensive investment that can transform a dark, boring outdoor space into an inviting evening retreat. The right lighting makes everything look better and way more interesting, so why not dress up your outdoor space with a low-cost easy DIY low-voltage lighting system? It's really simple and there are tons of how-to instructions out there on the web, so I'm simply going to show you what I used from Amazon and Lowe's in the "Shop This Post" section below to complete this project. For just $250.00, we created an elegant evening ambience in our backyard and the best part is it's low-voltage, so all of these lights use under 200 watts total. (Stating the obvious, but the pool light is not included in this low-voltage group. It's a pool light on its own circuit, and also a 500 watt bulb. We don't use it too often, but it does make for pretty pictures) : )

Now you also have the option to use solar lights, and those are inexpensive and available pretty much everywhere, but you'll end up with blue-looking LED lights that only stay on for a few hours at the most. The advantage of using low-voltage lighting is that you can be sure you've purchased lights with the amount of lumens you want to get that warm white glow. The glow of blue-ish cool white LEDs at night just doesn't have the same effect, peeps. Yes, there are some solar options that don't look blue, but the fact is, it's hard to know until you buy and use them. So just spend a little bit more money and get the look you're going for the first time around!

The transformer we purchased gives us a few settings options (Steady on, photocell, and set number of hours after dusk). Our backyard is otherwise pitch black, so we keep ours on the photocell (Auto) setting to stay on until daylight. I keep all of the back wall curtains open every night because I love looking out there while we hang out in the living room. I love our backyard at night! ♥

To see more DIY details about this space, check out this blog post about our Backyard Makeover!


(Note: Some of these item prices have increased since I purchased them, so be sure to look around Amazon for similar products as these may no longer be the most inexpensive options)

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