Netflix and Hot Tub?

Here it is. The place we spend the most of our time in the back yard. TV, Zero Gravity Chairs, Hot Tub and fans galore. Yes please.

When we bought the house, we knew we wanted to splurge and get a hot tub after we took care of some of the bigger projects. But when my female 34 year old body started protesting our newly acquired 10 hour per day physical labor renovating job, I started searching Craigslist like, yesterday. I found this beauty and within a day we had a 240 volt line run (one of the only jobs we've outsourced at our house) and a 7 person hot tub sitting on our back deck. So here's the coolest part! This hot tub is 10 years old and probably cost somewhere around $9 - 10K when it was new. It has every bell and whistle that was available at the time, even fresh water misters that spray cool water at your face in one corner! It works perfectly and the previous owner treated it so well, we never would've guessed it was that old. Drumroll please.... we paid $1,800 for it and that included delivery, brand new head cushions and our first round of chemicals! Now for some hard truth- this was a big splurge and not part of our home reno budget, because having the 240v line run to the backyard for it cost as much as the hot tub, but OMGee its the best ~$4,000 we've spent here so far! (Side note: Having now seen the electrician do the job and running a 240 line on my own for our kitchen double oven, I am confident I could have tackled that part of the job myself, but I have to say- Please do NOT attempt to run lines like that if you don't know what you're doing. I got advice from professionals and did a TON of research before I took it on in the kitchen). Anyway, back to our Hot Tub Happy Place...

This 46" TV is on an extending swivel mount so that we can aim it at the pool or the hot tub and we installed outdoor speakers that can connect with bluetooth or the auxiliary cord we ran from the TV over to them. When we first considered mounting a TV outside, I was searching for weather proof cases like I'd seen on restaurant patios, but whoa, those are not cheap. Like at all. So I did a little more research and bought a weather-resistant TV cover on Amazon and it has worked perfectly for over a year now. (Check out the "Shop This Post" section below to see all of the products we used in this space) One of my favorite features in the hot tub area is the set of zero gravity chairs we parked in front of the TV. If you don't have one of these chairs on some patio somewhere at your house, you're missing out on the most comfy lounge-y chair ever made. Trust me!

I also ran across an accessory that works perfectly for securely holding my wine glasses in these chairs! (see products below) They come with a suction cup attachment for setting them on the hot tub and a little stake attachment for poking them into the ground. (These geniuses thought of everything)

Another product out here I wouldn't want to do without is the outdoor trash can. I can be a pretty lazy kid sometimes and when I have to get up and go inside to throw stuff away, I am inconvenienced. So... the trashcan.

The last, but most important product I'll mention in this space is FANS. We have the two mounted fans in the photo above, but we also have two of those high powered floor fans that we can place anywhere because... HOT TUBS ARE HOT. If you're like me, even if it's 32 degrees out, sitting in the hot tub after 15 minutes gets like... somebody kill me. But not when you create a wind tunnel around you folks! That's right. Turn on every fan and feel 32 degree cold air all swirling around you while the bottom half of you is simmering at 103 degrees. I can't hot tub without them.

A functional note about the deck above: In order to make this space dry and rain proof, we attached corrugated plastic panels at a pitch under the deck, then we reinforced them with 1 x 2s across the width of the deck. This keeps rainwater off of our stuff and off of our heads when we hot tub in the rain.

So that's about it for this part of the backyard. These photos make me want to pour a glass of red and go sit in one of these chairs, so I'm gonna go do that now! 'Til next time!

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