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Wine & Painting

Thanks for visiting, I'm so glad you're here! I created this blog because I wanted a way to showcase the

improvements my husband and I have made to our current flip home and throwback to houses I flipped when I was a single girl. I also want other people to see that improvements and renovations don't have to cost a fortune if you're resourceful and willing to get your hands dirty. Rather than build a how-to site (there are enough really great ones out there already!), I wanted to build more of a what-to site. As each space is completed, you'll see what was done to improve each space in the form of blog posts and some interactive before and after photos. Those photos include project and product info, so be sure to scroll around and click on all of the buttons! 

The other piece of this blog is self-indulgent and an excuse for me to discuss another favorite subject of mine that generally goes hand in hand with my home improvement projects... DRINKS! The more loathsome the project, the more likely I will be doing it while imbibing. I mean, if you have to paint a room, why shouldn't you have a glass of wine in your other hand?! 

About Me

Melissa Anderon Colstad

Hey there! I'm Melissa. I'm a DIY addict. I am a Real Estate Agent in North Atlanta. I was a housewife for a couple of years, thanks to my awesome husband. I love making houses better. I love showing other people how to make their houses better. I love cocktails. If there's a cheap way to do a thing, I'm all over it! 

I was a single girl up until 2013 when I met my now husband Bill. 

We got married in 2016 and somehow I managed to convince him that flipping houses while you live in them is a totally reasonable thing to do. (He disagrees now from time to time)

I bought my first house when I was 27 and boy was it a fixer upper! Living on my single girl budget, I had to learn how to do all of the renovations on my own. Getting a big check in my hand from the bank when I sold that place was the best feeling in the world and I was hooked!

Bill & Melissa Colstad
Meissa & Charlie the Shih Tzu
Melssa & Marco the Boxer